Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Places To Watch Video


The Professionalization of Internet TV:
Next New Networks, ON Networks, Revision3, 60 Frames, Vuguru, Telegraph Ave Productions — what do these companies have in common? They all use Moore’s Law and low-cost distribution over the Internet to disrupt the studio model, in the process building audiences that can rival a small cable channel. They are professionalizing internet TV.
This is the space to be in these days. New content will gravitate to new networks. I have a jacket from two years ago that has this embroidered on the sleeve, "Browse, Search, Subscribe."

There's a new verb that's joining the sentence. Socialize.

We'll find our way to these new hubs of quality programming by socializing with friends. When we get to these new network destinations they'll have all kinds of social contraptions that will allow us to 'join in a conversation'.

How many conversations on how many networks will we be able to keep track of?

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